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Ivory Coeus

Mata Mata Shark Flight ISUP PaddleBoard 10'x 30"x 6"

Mata Mata Shark Flight ISUP PaddleBoard 10'x 30"x 6"

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ABSOLUTE TANK: The virtually indestructible board is reinforced with composite drop stitch core inside and a high-grade PVC double layer. This combo makes it more robust than a rigid stand up paddle board, and essentially unbreakable.

LIGHTWEIGHT & INFLATABLE: Shark Flight is super easy to carry around, and inflating the Shark Flight paddle board is a breeze. The board packs up into a handy carrying bag and comes with a pump. The Shark Flight paddle board doesn’t take up much space but does everything a rigid paddle board can do.

PERFECT ALL SEASON ROUND: Perfect for ALL water conditions. Even if the water is a bit choppy, the Shark Flight paddle board keeps you on your feet. Rivers, lakes, streams, and ocean—this paddle board handles a bit of wavy weather with ease.

30’’ WIDTH: The 30” width makes paddling simple. Sturdy and reliable, the Shark Flight paddle board is a great beginner board, or for those who like to go for a stress-free paddle.

FLEXIBLE & STURDY: Ever tried stand up paddle board yoga? Not so easy on a narrow rigid board! However, the Shark Flight paddle board is both flexible AND sturdy. You can downward dog all day without worrying about getting wet!

ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE: This stand up paddle board comes with all the essential accessories such as fins, a backpack, an adjustable aluminum paddle, a waterproof bag, a hand pump with gauge, an ankle leash, and a repairing kit.

Dimensions: 10' L x 30” W x 6” H
Material: PVC, Drop Stitch
Intended use: Stand-up Paddle boarding, Paddle board, Yoga, Fishing, and Recreation

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