About ActivLife

Be Active-Look Active-Stay Active
ActivLife is an eco-conscious brand-name apparel, gear, and accessories company that offers products to the active lifestyle community. 
Founded in 2020, ActivLife was formed to give consumers who care for our environment an outlet to find eco-friendly products catered to an active/outdoors lifestyle. In addition, we want to become an online source for information on how to live an active eco-conscious lifestyle.
Vision Statement:

A company that consumers trust for apparel, gear, accessories, and information on an active and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Mission Statement: 

Transfer knowledge to our customers on how to be active and doing so utilizing eco-friendly products and services.

Core Values:

Integrity – we are honest, and we keep our word to our customers, always!

Eco-Conscious – we operate based on how we could positively impact our environment.

Synergy – we work together to succeed; we cannot win alone; we need each other to execute on our goals.

Respect – we treat each other and our customers in high regards, always!